Treatment Options In The Center - Drug Abuse Treatment Center in Jersey City, NJ (non-profit organization)
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Treatment Options In The Center

A good drug abuse treatment center has many options to help you recover from your drug addiction. That is why we offer multiple treatments so you can find the one that fits you best.

Inpatient Treatment/Residential Stay


We offer inpatient treatment at our residential facility. This means you and a roommate would occupy a room and spend a minimum of thirty days under our care. At all hours you will be supervised.


This has shown to be conducive to addiction therapy. It can be hard to fight addiction on your own and even impossible. Just going through withdrawal needs to be supervised by medical staff because it can be dangerous to you or others health depending on what drug you are withdrawing from.


You will find yourself having daily group therapy and individual therapy. It is essential to see that other people have the same problems as you and how they are overcoming them. Relearning coping skills is important for returning to daily life.


Outpatient Treatment


This is a great option for people who can’t step away from their lives. It also helps those who might not be as deep in addiction as others. They can get treatment as they see fit and keep a hint of normalcy about their day to day life.


This can help some people in recovery, especially those whose jobs would not be as understanding.


This is not an excellent option for people who have very heavy addiction.


Once a day you would come for a meeting or therapy session, and you would have to stay with the program. If you need medication, it will be given each day when you get here. This option can help you remember what it is like to have an organized life.