NA Meetings And Group Therapy - Drug Abuse Treatment Center in Jersey City, NJ (non-profit organization)
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NA Meetings And Group Therapy

Going to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting for the first time can be scary, as anything can be. But you shouldn’t feel too much anxiety or let that worry keep you from going. Once you go to your first meeting of Narcotics Anonymous it gives you a good idea of the rundown for it.


We always make sure to introduce ourselves if there are new people. If not, to be honest, we’re not going to annoy each other. But the best part is we don’t mind talking about ourselves when someone new arrives. Plus there is always more to tell about ourselves, so we are not at a loss of what to say.


A lot of meetings have a topic planned out for discussion. Sometimes we like to let it be natural and flow, but direction really can help. We share what we have done for the week, any experiences. We talk about both successes and failures without judgment.


Our topics vary, and it depends on what we need individually. Often it is about ways drug use affects your life or coping skills and what we have learned.


When it comes to group therapy, it’s not too different. The mediator is instead a licensed counselor here to help us recover what we need to succeed.


Our counselor makes sure everyone gets a chance to speak up and talk about their fears or concerns. Everyone can contribute feedback, but this is supposed to be a far more open session. Criticism is needed for growth of course.


Whether you decide to try a meeting or check out our group therapy, know we always put your needs first. We take all suggestions to heart and want to know what we can do to make your experience better.