Find Help - Drug Abuse Treatment Center in Jersey City, NJ (non-profit organization)
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Find Help

Alpha Healing Center

600 Pavonia Avenue

Jersey City, New Jersey 07306


Based in Jersey City, this facility provides medication management along with family involved counseling and yoga in helping with treatment. The president, Henry Bennet, has had 35 years of experience treating addiction and behavioral health. They have a team ready to help with all your needs, physical and spiritual.


Ascend Treatment and Wellness Center, LLC

100 Enterprise Drive

Suite 301

Rockaway, New Jersey 07866


This treatment center makes sure to go by evidence-based treatment. They provide what is shown to work in treatment for recovery in addiction. They also know how to treat co-occurring mental disorders and how to provide a dual diagnosis.


They make sure care is personalized to what each individual needs. It is too easy to get lost in a system that you think works. Instead, they focus on what their patients need and how best to assist each of them.


They have been serving their community for the past 20 years and are always advancing and growing. It is important to make sure you are willing to learn and adapt to each patient, and that’s what Ascend Treatment does.


Victory Bay Recovery Center

1395 Chews Landing Road

Laurel Springs, New Jersey 08021

They provide treatment to South Jersey and the Philadelphia area. They follow the 12 steps based model that has worked for so long with addiction treatment. But they also expand upon it with treatment for chemical dependency. It is a good blend of classic and modern sciences meant to assist their patients best.


Dual diagnosis is a specialty of Victory Bay. They also have involved family counseling for those who need it. They want to cover all aspects of health in recovery from physical to mental to spiritual as they know addiction affects all these things.